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Internship abroad program for gifted young people

In partnership with our local community school, we're proud to offer this enrichment program offering internship placements for gifted young people aged 16 to 18 years old. 

Our local school has been a centre of educational excellence, despite extreme challenges the students and faculty have overcome. Many of the children are extremely academically gifted and receive sponsorship based on their excellent performance, however many come from backgrounds that make it a challenge to perform at their very best everyday. The teaching staff do their absolute best and are very encourage interns to come to their school. 


Our 16+Interns would would be placed as classroom assistance and also getting a chance to show their leadership skills by helping the staff organise events and extra curricular activities at the school. The program would also allow 16+Interns to ​provide mentorship to particular students that would benefit from having someone to look up to and encourage their dreams and goals.

This is a structured enrichment program that will have set objectives that the 16+Interns will work to meet each week, exploring key themes and topics that will encourage insight and increased knowledge in work placement and cross-cultural integration.

Once in the country, our 16+Interns will receive full guidance and orientation from local staff. They will have access to a 24/7 placement coordinator as well as full support and supervision from key faculty members at the school.

Our accommodation is only a 5 minute walk to the school and well placed in the heart of the local community. Not far from the city centre. Full board accommodation will be provided with this program, as well as the chance to experience local culture and tourism.

Our 16+Interns can come as groups or as individuals and will be fully supported from preparation stage to the moment they arrive in the country by a named program facilitator. 

To find out more, contact us below. If you're a school or an educator interested in our program, please ask to speak to our Program Director via the contact form below!

What about COVID 19?

Tanzania has received the safe travel stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (See here) in the wake of the current pandemic. Aside from that, you will receive safety guidance and protocol once you have registered with us.