Our most immersive cultural experience. Infusing culture to create a healthcare impact through medical and vocational skills.


The Masaai Cultural Experience is not for the faint hearted. This is for our most talented volunteers with vocational skills to contribute to the development of this extraordinary village in key areas. 

  • Medical and Public Health

  • Early Education and Adult Vocational Skills

  • Social Welfare & Women's Empowerment

By invite only, we will accept volunteers who will add significantly to these areas and make significant impacts in the lives of individuals and to the village as a whole. This will require the most dedicated, open minded and hardworking volunteers willing to put in the effort to bridging any cultural gaps.

The Masaai Cultural Experience will see volunteers invited to stay in a private, family owned homestead belonging to Medi Trip Co-Founder Emmanuel Nogi. Set on hundreds of acres of land passed down through generations, you will be given the opportunity to learn about the extraordinary lives of the this incredible formally nomadic tribe. 

Medical & Public Health

We are inviting the following professions:

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Midwives

  • Dentists

You will be working within the local health centre situated in the heart of the homestead. This is a very basic facility with minimal resources, diagnostic tools and equipment. You will need some experience to be able to work with limited resources and within a medical team. You will also need high standards of professionalism to be able to understand and immerse in a totally different work culture where practice may be completely different from your own. 

Students are welcome on the program but will be observational only with minimal direct patient contact.

Early Education & Adult Vocational Skills

We are inviting the following:

  • Teachers & Teaching Assistants

  • Educators/Lecturers/Professors

  • Students

You will partner with the local school to support our initiative to encouraging Early Years education and Adult Vocational Skills and Education. The Early Years will be supporting the local primary school in classrooms with volunteers primary role in encouraging and pushing the importance of literacy and numeracy to the students through varied activities.

The Adult Vocational Skills and Education will encourage professionals with specific vocations (carpentry, agriculture, healthcare, mechanics, electricians etc) to set up job skills workshops for a set number of weeks to teach specific skills to adults in the village. This will really require the most dedicated and motivated volunteers, so not just your skills but life experience will truly count here.

Social Welfare & Women's Empowerment

We are inviting the following:

  • Social Workers

  • Psychologists/Counsellors

  • Students

  • People with experience working directly within social care or with a deep interest in welfare development


You will work to help us develop our Social Care and Women's Empowerment within the village, where it may not be encouraged. This may be the most challenging placement as you work to challenge norms and deeply set ideals which may not necessarily benefit the people or the women, but may not be challenged either. This will require deep dedication, patience and true understanding of what cultural values mean to people as a whole and how to develop ethically. 

Our Volunteers

All our volunteers will be expected to work within a code of ethics and a high level of dedication and hard work will be expected. This will not be ideal for people who are looking for more of a tourist/safari experience. This will be a true immersive experience that will require full commitment.

You will stay in a modern, newly built volunteer house for your comfort, privacy and convenience. You will have the choice of a shared dorm or a private bedroom (subject to availability) and shared bathroom facilities with other volunteers. This will be set within a private compound within the village.  Meals will be provided (Breakfast & Dinner Mon-Fri). 

Coordination, support and placement supervision will be provided throughout the experience.