What am I paying for?

What's included in  your package

  • In country experience project coordinator and operational manager

  • Video call Consultation with the Program Director to meet face to face before you leave

  • Personalised placement schedule regardless of your start date

  • Direct one-to-one guidance from a medically trained Program Director and trained local professionals

  • Structured program to meet your career/study objectives if you're a trainee or student

  • Qualified local medical specialists who will supervise you 

  • Individual and specialised project facilitation regardless of your speciality

  • Full orientation on arrival including. placement and guided local orientation

  • One hour free Swahili Language Lesson 

  • Full volunteer guidebook for your project location

  • Placement workbook to add to your career portfolio and validate your time with us

  • Certificate of completion for your portfolio

  • Catered accommodation room & board (breakfast & dinner)

  • Airport Pick Up

  • Choice to upgrade to private/en suite room (subject to availability) at discounted rates exclusive to volunteers only

Book with one or more people for a 15% discount off your placement fee each



Transaction Fee

There will be a 3% transaction fee added to your invoice, please factor this into your final budget when paying in foreign currency. Please also note we will use the current exchange rate for invoices. 

Medical Practice Fee - Tanzania 

The medical practice fee is a stand alone fee required by the Ministry of Health Tanzania for all foreign medical workers. This fee is paid at your facility/hospital to the administration team who have received your registration. This fee is not included in your placement fee as it differs depending on speciality and hospital facility. Once this fee is paid it is non refundable and non transferable i.e you cannot use this fee to participate at a different hospital.

Visa, flights, insurance, transport and other costs

Remember to include your visa, insurance, lunch and daily transportation costs. You may also prefer to cook your own food at the weekends or try something new places to eat, ensure you have budgeted for these costs.


VISA (for entry into Tanzania)

All foreigners entering the United Republic of Tanzania must obtain the correct VISA for entry into the country. Medi Trip will provide support and guidelines for this process.


There is no visa fee for citizens of the UK and Northern Ireland, EU or US Citizens .

For other applicants and those staying longer than 30 days please visit http://www.vfsglobal.com/southafrica/uk/visa_requirements_for_uk_citizens.html