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Girls these days...

This generation of girls don 't just want to be told what they can have or who they should be. But want the opportunity to figure it out, to discover themselves without interruption and to be bold in their aspirations.

This is 17 year old Hellen, currently enrolled in high school in Arusha, Tanzania. We met Hellen when she joined the Siret Leadership Academy for Girls in 2018 quiet, graceful and composed. It was not until Hellen wrote her speech on women in leadership that we discovered how bold, fearless and deeply intelligent this young woman was. Every week we saw Hellen flourish, particularly in vocalising her thoughts and ideas to the group and growing her confidence to help lead sessions. And over the months she grew into her own in the group, becoming more and more of a leader amongst the girls, contributing to discussions and ideas to push the girls forward in the program.

Hellen is a consistent high achiever academically, flying through her subjects and exams at school effortlessly. She continues to excel using the SMART goals module of the program and applying it to her short and long term goals. She dreams of becoming a lawyer one day due to her own personal experiences of inequality and wanting to do her part in making a difference within her community. We will continue to support Hellen through our program and hope to do our part to ensure she achieves her aspirations.

We will soon be able to commence the program after an agonizing pause due to the COVID 19 crisis. Due to the generosity of our supporters we want to be able to continue on by sponsoring textbooks for the girls for their studies, taking the girls on enrichment outings and trips and growing our development activities with resources and equipment. Kindly donate using the link below and help us continue our mission for our amazing, bright and passionate girls.

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