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  • Trauma, Emergency & Surgery

  • General medical

  • General surgical

  • Labour & delivery

  • Paediatrics

  • Outpatients clinic

  • Community

  • Laboratories (biomedical sciences)

  • Physiotherapy

  • Dentistry

  • HIV outpatients and counselling services

  • Social work

  • Women's Empowerment 

  • Teaching & Children's Development




This program is for our univeristy students who want to diverisfy their study portfolios and make themselves more competitive in the future job market. Or simply to enrich their experience and expand the travels. 

Medi Trip does not only place volunteers but facilitates student internships too. Our organisation was founded when the director was a nursing student, so we understand this is such a personal journey and we make it as specific and as personal to you as we can. The goal is to make sure your placement will be an experience you will never forget 

Medi Trip's vision is to create opportunities for people to share knowledge, ideas and address areas of mutual concern. And as future practitioners and health leaders, it is so important to be able to be open to new learning and share your own learning too.



Global health is a major agenda and at the forefront for all nations across the globe. Most nations understand the need for collaboration and creating common goals towards improving global health. With Medi Trip, volunteers will have the opportunity to experience the public health implications on the wider community.


Medi Trip's volunteers have the opportunity to understand the socioeconomic and health implications of poverty within a developing nation. They experience first hand the care of vulnerable patients within a healthcare system with limited resources. 

"I grew up. 

First because medicine is wonderful. Because exchanging with patients, creating trust relationship with them, reassuring them, helped me to be more open-minded, and more understanding about how life is precious. Because I had the opportunity to learn, everyday more, about the diseases, the injuries, where they are from, how to diagnostic them and how to treat them, in reality, not just in books. 

But secondly I grew up because it was hard. To deal with pain all day long, with death, to deal with the lack of means, the lack of medication, the lack of hygiene compared to France hospitals. I was hard to feel useless, to feel lost, because of the language barrier of the lack of knowledge, but always to keep going and doing as much I could do. I was hard to see things, to see the pain, how they treat it, how nurses and patients deal with it. It was hard to stay positive, but it was worth it so much. 

Because this experience was the mix of so many elements, so many feelings, it was unique. Unforgettable.

I also grew up outside the hospital.

Meeting new people from all over the world, having different cultures and ways of life, different experiences of volunteering, helped me to be better, in English first, but also in relationships and community life.

Also, it was incredible to be with people who talked with me about the things I saw in the hospital, when I felt lost or sad, I had this kind of family when I went back to talk with, to laugh with, to party with !

Finally, meeting new people at another part of the globe helped me to think about who I am, and who I want to be. In just can not be more thankful.


It was a thursday, and I was about to see the first operation of my life, my first C-section. The mother is coming, I talk a little bit with her, about the future baby, the way she already had 2girls, and she wanted to have another one. She finally asks me my name when the anesthetist arrives, then the doctor. It was wonderful, to be there for the first breath of a new born, the first cry, the happiness of the mother when she discovered the baby was a little girl, the cleaning of the baby, the cut of the umbilical cord, but also for the operation itself, the anesthesia, the suturing and the way the doctor answered to all my questions. So much emotion is just an hour.

Two little weeks later, a mother and her baby arrived. I had to remove her stitches. She recognized me! She was the one! After  hugging and asking for news, I finally asked for the name of the little girl. I will never forget how moved I felt when she told me that her baby’s name is Kansai-Laura. “Like you”, she told me proudly. I stayed voiceless."

Medi Family 3.v1.jpg

Laura's Journey

Medical Student,

Tanzania 2019

Alongside pre placement support, you will be given a handbook filled with as much information as possible about your upcoming trip.

You will also get full support completeing your university paperwork and placement hours. You will receive your assignment details and full orientation when you arrive, including details of where you'll be going, how to get there and who will be looking after you.

You will be given the same priority, care and package as our professional Medi Trippers, including airport pick up, accommodation and supervision.

You will be given the same placement opportunity and priority as our profressional Medi Trippers. Although you will not be involved in invasive procedures, you will definitely be very involved in patient care.

Our local medical colleagues are extremely experienced and love nothing better than sharing their learning and supervising students. Our placement partners are as excited as we are about what we do and you will be well supervised, guided and looked after throughout.

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