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"The experience was more than I could ever imagine. It has changed my perspective and refined me both professionally and personally. I’ve had an opportunity to work with people firsthand and put all my knowledge into practice as well as give back to communities. It has been a great learning experience that has only further confirmed my future career for me. Theoretically yes, I feel as though the program handbook offered bountiful information on Arusha as well as my placement form costs, to cultural customs. But practically no amount of preparation can ever be enough for such a life changing experience, the booklet did offer a great foundation though the rest is better to experience first hand.My supervisor provided me with an extensive amount of support throughout my experience. Her contact with me before the program was always fast and she answered all my questions extensively, this helped calm any worries I had pre departure. I met her on arrival and saw her quite frequently to discuss both my professional and personal development. In addition to this the interns I shared my accommodation with played a part in motivating me and providing comfort where necessary. I was well supported at a level that allowed assurance, correction, and development.The highlight of my experience is definitely the girl’s empowerment program. I found it both revitalizing and inspiring to be around young African girls who are just striving to be the best version of themselves." - Sameera S., Psychology Graduate UK


Physiotherapists, radiographers, psychology students and more are welcome to join!


We facilitate specialised vocational work experiences and internships where you will have a cross cultural exchange and share knowledge and skills in your speciality.

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