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Tanzania belongs to the East African community, neighboured by Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanada, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Mozambique. Arusha is in northern Tanznia; a very unique and vibrant city at the base of Mount Meru, about an hour away from the tallest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. The city is surrounded by natural beauty being in close proximity to several national parks including Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Olduvai and Arusha National Parks.

Interestingly, Arusha hosted the international criminal tribunal for Rwanada and sits as the de facto East African Community capital. Despite being in a conservative and religious country, Arusha is regarded as more liberal and very open to foreigners. Perhaps due to it's historical significance in the 1961 Arusha Declaration, which gave independence to modern Tanzania from the British Commonwealth. The city is very much a melting pot, multicultural and populated by people from all different backgrounds. The main language spoken is Swahili and a visitor would do well by learning a few of the many greetings. 

These amazingly cultured people compete with the complex modern world. Many fall victim for poverty, sickness and lack of development. Lack of access to basic healthcare, basic education and opportunities means they struggle everyday to improve their lives. Many young boys and girls leave school early to help their families at home, taking care of their livestock, helping on the farms or working to help raise income. Many girls and boys leave their villages to find better opportunities in bigger towns or cities, many are left homeless on the streets far away from their homes.

The Mission

With access to basic education, learning how to gain access opportunities to further themselves, the community are looking for sustainable ways to develop themselves. Interacting with volunteers from around the world stimulates the community and helps them realise there are many people like you who care. These warm and gracious people are well known for welcoming people from all around the world. By really immersing in their culture, you get a better understanding of their lives, their struggle and help them move forward with solutions that make a difference to them.