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legal advocate placement | Tanzania

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe
Image by Renaldo Matamoro

A unique opportunity to contribute towards the work of legal advocacy You will work with a local law firm providing advocacy legal representation to people for court and helping them navigate complex legal issues. Help to prepare cases and provide assistance to the busy legal team and learn how they manage their caseloads as well as champion justice along the way.

Requirements: Minimum of Degree/College level minimum first year Law; Humanities or related studies.


Duration: 4 weeks to 6 months. 


Your Role

  • Attending client meetings and counselling clients

  • Attending court sessions 

  • Preparing for hearings, sessions and suites

  • Court submissions

  • Preparing legal documents for submission

  • Discussing complex or unique cases as a team

  • Learning about the Tanzanian Justice system and how it’s navigated by ordinary people

  • Learning about advocacy and advocating for vulnerable people

Professional development opportunities

  • Advocating for vulnerable people in disputes. 

  • Researching and applying human rights law regarding ethnicity, gender, sexuality, immigration and other issues. 

  • Helping with community disputes, such as land and family inheritance issues. 

  • Producing content for educational material advocating for disadvantaged people. 

  • Build your legal expertise working on a wide range of cases including civil cases, corporate litigation, mediation, arbitration and pro bono work

  • Learn to advocate for civilians looking for help to navigate complex legal systems.


  • Experience a life changing cultural journey to Tanzania

  • Gain perspective on how communities keep their cultures and traditions alive in a modern fast changing world

  • Gain new passion on advocacy and empowerment through knowledge

  • Get insight and invaluable knowledge from experienced legal advocates

  • Benefit from abundant learning opportunities including the opportunity to conduct independent study and research on the field.

This placement can be coincided with weekend work at the 'Women's Empowerment' project providing support, advice or educational training to the girls every weekend in group sessions. Please enquire for details.

Important VISA & Permit Information

You will be required to pay a for a VISA for voluntary work assignment.

Please enquire for details.

Kilimanjaro Airport (KIA)
Arusha Airport (ARK)

Arusha Bus station 

Still have more questions? Ask away and get in touch!

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