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This program is for our interns and students who want to diversify their study portfolios and make themselves more competitive in the future job market. Eenrich your experience and expand the travels while you learn with a certificate on completion.


Supervised placement with learning objectives and guided placement support.

Age requirement: 18 years + 

Student Intern Requirements: Degree/University/College level minimum second year in your studies.

Number of volunteers: Solo individuals, Groups are welcome

Duration: From 4 weeks to 24 months.

Start date: No specific start date, start at any time during the year.


  1. $150 registration fee

  2. Book between 2 weeks and 12 months (see exact fees)

    • Includes accommodation​

    • Placement preparation, facilitation & coordination

    • Airport pick up + drop off

    • Free 1 hour Swahili Language class with an experience professional instructor

  3. $27.5 to $50 per week Tanzania medical practice fee 

Medi Trip does not only place volunteers but facilitates student internships too. Our organisation was founded when the director was a nursing student, so we understand this is such a personal journey and we make it as specific and as personal to you as we can. The goal is to make sure your placement will be an experience you will never forget 

Medi Trip's vision is to create opportunities for people to share knowledge, ideas and address areas of mutual concern. And as future practitioners and health leaders, it is so important to be able to be open to new learning and share your own learning too.

Please note we have a wide range of placement areas both medical and non-medical (i.e law, accounting, teaching). Enquire to learn more on what would suit you, we are happy to help.



Global health is a major agenda and at the forefront for all nations across the globe. Most nations understand the need for collaboration and creating common goals towards improving global health. With Medi Trip, volunteers will have the opportunity to experience the public health implications on the wider community.


Medi Trip's students have the opportunity to understand the socioeconomic and health implications of poverty within a developing nation. They experience first hand the care of vulnerable patients within a healthcare system with limited resources. 


Alongside pre-arrival support, you will be given a handbook filled with as much information as possible about your upcoming trip. You'll also be given a specially written internship guidebook to help you structure your goals and organise your learning.

You will also get full support completing your university paperwork and placement hours. You will receive your assignment details and full orientation when you arrive, including details of where you'll be going, how to get there and who will be looking after you.

You will be given the same priority, care and package as our professional Medi Trippers, including airport pick up, accommodation and supervision.

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Community & Social Work
Psychology & Mental Health

Biomedical Sciences
& More

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