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The Mission

Join a brilliant and patient focused project team that is already making an impact in Uganda. This team pooled their resources together to promote health awareness in their community.

The team provides free health education and awareness workshops with a focus on: infectious diseases (like malaria, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, TB, diarrhoea, yellow fever), nutrition and sexual health. Additionally, they provide family planning advice, counselling and make patient referrals. The project leaders aim to simplify accessibility to good quality, affordable health care for their target group. 

The ultimate goal for volunteering involvement here is to help local leaders promote health education and reduce disease incidence rate in the most deprived areas of Uganda. 



The Problem

For most people in Uganda gaining access to a health care centre with a good standard of care is expensive and difficult. There is a critical shortage of skilled medical professionals to treat a population with very high disease incidence rate. They educate the already existing health care centres and link them to patient in need of free and good care.


Community Project Work

There is so much you can contribute in our Ugandan partner projects. As with our medical projects, there is still a great deal of impoverished people that rely on these community development programs to gain basic skills that can greatly improve their quality of life. 


These projects include volunteering in:

Women's Empowerment

People's Empowerment


Working with children


Social Work

Skills development and more

The main aim of running programs with Ugandan organisations through which less fortunate people can be equipped with the tools to change their own future. The projects hear the stories of many unheard Ugandans and asks people to listen to them. How they have to fight against the consequences of poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment and injustice. Stories to be heard and to replace by new stories. Their projects are focused on sharing knowledge as well as offering the means to increase self-sustainability. Prevention, self-sustainability and empowerment are key to our work. They offer projects in the fields of education, health, agriculture, social work, entrepreneurship and women empowerment within rural communities and place motivated and enthusiastic interns and volunteers from different parts of the world in these projects that they are most passionate about.

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