A turn around in Tanzania...

Dear Medi Trippers,

Thank you all for being so phenomenal during this entire difficult phase. It has been an absolutely devastating time for us and we appreciated the incredible outpouring of support, patience, consideration, deep respect and kindness from you. 

We understand how hard it has been for many of you who have had to change your plans or return back home midway through your placements. In particular, our students who needed to be credited for this placement abroad with us. We completely support your efforts and have been sending out participation letters and certificates whenever required to ensure you're credited for the work you've done.


Total cases: 501

Total deaths: 21

WHO: Situational report 122 (as of 21 May 2020)

We have received positive news from the government recently in the form of re-opening of the borders and airports. The ban on commercial flights has now been lifted and the government of Tanzania is now allowing foreigners back into the country with strict guidelines:

  • Travelers must show they are not positive for COVID-19

  • Travellers must pass screening at the airport to be allowed entry into the country


Due to the change in our environment with the new threat of the COVID-19 virus, it will now be mandatory for our volunteers to arrive with full PPE including: 

  • masks

  • gloves

  • aprons (sleeveless or full gowns)

  • plastic goggles 

  • hand sanitisers

For our community volunteers (teaching/childcare/women's empowerment) it will also be mandatory to arrive with:

  • masks

  • aprons

  • hand sanitisers

Due to the inconsistency in availability (please always remember this is a developing country with more limited resources than what you may be used to at home). Ensure you arrive with enough to use for yourself for the duration of your trip. If you do run out, there are pharmacies available to buy extra, however you should not rely on this as a first choice as once they run out it can be days or weeks until the next stock or delivery.