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Doing our part to help save lives through charitable giving.

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We want to do our part in fighting the pandemic and supporting our vulnerable community by donating free reusable masks. 

Help us to support the community we care for so deeply by donating today.



Medi Trip at the core is an organisation to make lives better for others, that's what we want for our world and our future. So we are always looking for ways to get involved when we can.  This is what The Helping Hands is all about.

We are in unprecedented times in a horrendous global pandemic which is affecting the very fabrics of our lives. This is even more so within our vulnerable communities that our volunteers have come to care for, know and love deeply. The outpouring of love and concern from across the world has been incredible and we need to respond in kind. So we have decided to start fundraising for reusable face masks for our Arusha community. It has now become mandatory in Arusha, Tanzania to wear a face mask when in public spaces. As many of you are aware, many people in Tanzania cannot afford to stay home as they would surely starve, many cannot afford the privilege of staying home and quarantine.

"For many people however, it is not as simple as 'working from home'."

We have all seen the hashtags and headlines 'stay home'! Absolutely right. For many people however, it is not as simple as 'working from home'. Many are earning very little or rely on a daily income to survive therefore counting out the prospect of staying at home. With the schools closed, this also means extra meals and childcare for children that would otherwise be in nursery or school and being fed and looked after there. Therefore we must do our best to support them and make efforts to ensure that they can continue to be self sufficient safely. 

Masks have become mandatory and are also now becoming expensive as the demand soars, while the virus continues to spread and claim lives. Therefore we have recruited an incredible tailor right in the heart or our community who has spent several weeks helping us to research the safest way to construct a long lasting, reusable face mask. After careful research and several samples, this intelligent Mama along with Medi Trip decided on the designs that met the best standards. 

We are asking for everyone's help to get involved! More donations means more masks which means more lives kept safe. We also want to make our best efforts to see the community keeps on moving and those who have no choice but to earn a living can do so safely and without fearing for their lives on a daily basis. This provides so much peace of mind for the people we love and care about so deeply. 

Donate now to The Helping Hands and help us to fight the pandemic! Spread the word to your colleagues, friends and families and lets join hands in making the world that little bit better.

Masks save lives. 

Donate today.


Medi Trip has followed guidelines recommended by recognised bodies in distributing reusable face masks. Our rationale for distribution follows guidelines based on currently available and emerging empirical research.

The Centre for Disease Control has made recommendations for cloth face masks to be used in social and community settings (non clinical use) to protect against airborne droplets in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. This measure should be used in addition to other important preventative measures such as self isolation, hand washing and social distancing. 

The COVID-19 virus spreads easily and rapidly from person to person via airborne droplets when people are sneezing, coughing or even speaking. The virus can quickly be inhaled into the lungs or introduced via a person's hands creating rapid cross infection. Studies have shown a person does not need to be symptomatic to spread the virus. And more than likely people with no symptoms may be in the presence of others in the community where the virus will quickly spread. To protect others around us, it is recommended that a mask be worn when in a public setting to protect uninfected people from those who are carrying the virus and may not be aware. 


Source: CDC website as of 26 May 2020


When used correctly, cloth masks can provide a simple, cost effective and powerful preventative measure within the community setting. 

In particular, limiting the spread from people who do not know they are infected with the virus and may be in contact with uninfected people. This is critical in fighting the current crisis as most infections are community acquired transmissions. 

The masks are simple to maintain and decontaminate at home. They also mean accessibility to personal protective equipment for people who have to be in a public setting. 

They are also a visible reminder for people to take individual and personal responsibility in hygiene etiquette, thinking of others around them who may be more at risk of developing serious COVID-19 symptoms. 

It must be emphasised that masks should be used in addition to recommended preventative measures discussed. People should be made aware that these are non-clinical masks for additional precaution. Specifically, for people who cannot avoid being in a public setting. 

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