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Work in busy departments in a local hospitals alongside the medical team treat, diagnose and asses unwell patients from the local community. Teach, advise, lead multidisciplinary teams, run clinics or work alongside local specialists. See more for our specialised programs in Obstetrics, Emergency Trauma & Surgery below.


Age requirement: 18 years + 

Student Intern Requirements: Degree/University/College level minimum second year Medicine or related studies.


Professional Volunteer Requirements: Minimum 6 months work experience in a related field

Number of volunteers: Solo individuals, Groups are welcome

Duration: From 2 weeks to 12 months.

Start date: No specific start date, start at any time during the year.


  1. $150 registration fee

  2. Book between 2 weeks and 12 months (see exact fees)

    • Includes accommodation​

    • Placement preparation, facilitation & coordination

    • Airport pick up + drop off

    • Free 1 hour Swahili Language class with an experience professional instructor

  3. Tanzania medical practice fee dependent on speciality

It takes truly committed people to this abroad! With medical volunteering, you will be volunteering to work with patients or in a healthcare specific area on a voluntary basis. Unlike other types of volunteering, medical volunteering is a difficult, challenging and profound area. Medical volunteers will witness and experience things other volunteers never will or what they never would have at home. 


This can be a huge challenge as often times volunteers experience situations that can leave them feeling sad, shocked or confused. But for the most part volunteers are often left amazed at the resilience of their patients and at the skill and dedication of their new colleagues. It truly is a hugely moving experience and one most Medi Trippers never forget.


The Problem

Many government facilities are under resources without adequate medication or enough staff to deal with all the patients. There will be times when you are shocked by the conditions you see people have to endure to receive what we might view as sub par care or basic care. 

With limited funding and very few resources the nations endure high mortality rates and frequent outbreaks of disease and high prevalence rates of HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and increasing incidence of non communicable disease.


The Solution

Depending on your area of interest and your skills, you will be matched with an appropriate clinical area/hospital. The learning opportunities are bountiful as long as you stay focused and flexible in your approached.


Your role

You will be assigned a local clinic to work in where you will assist in the general care of unwell patients. Your role as a volunteer will require you to assist in monitoring, observing and tending to the patients healthcare needs. 

Medical volunteering is the most challenging and therefore requires people who are highly motivated, passionate and focused. This is also the most rewarding area given that you are contributing life saving skills where they are desperately needed.

Tasks and duties would be as follows:


  • Assist the medical staff assigned to you with their day-to-day schedule

  • Lead Ward Rounds

  • Help run Assessment or Out Patient Clinics

  • Run training or teaching sessions

  • General assistance of medical staff where required and where experience and expertise allow

  • Focus on special awareness and information programmes

  • Conduct research

What about COVID 19?

Tanzania & South Africa have received the safe travel stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (See here) in the wake of the current pandemic. Aside from that, you will receive safety guidance and protocol once you have registered with us. 

Image by National Cancer Institute
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