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Welcome to

The Siret Leadership Academy for Girls

Arusha, Tanzania

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Teenage girls in Arusha, Tanzania are perhaps one of the most vulnerable and impressionable in society. They are at high risk of exploitation, abuse, unwanted pregnancies and a long list of other depressing fates. They are also the least likely to be heard, the least likely to be listened to and understood. Many of these girls are looked over and overshadowed, no one asking them who they want to be, what they think or if they need help.


This new generation of girls don't just want to be told what they can have  or who they should be. But want the opportunity to figure it out, to discover themselves without interruption and to be bold in their individualities. And yet, they float quietly through the community unheard, silent in submission

The Siret Leadership Academy is a small step towards opportunity for the girls in Arusha. Working together with schools in Arusha, Tanzania and parents of  teenage girls we will aim to empower the girls to become self determined go getters and change makers. Working with a qualified educator who knows his community needs, we identified 25 girls aged between 13 years old and 18 years old who are facing hardship but are fiercely motivated to succeed. With their parents' blessings, they have joined us on a mission to make a difference and inspire them.


We have formulated a 12 session program that will focus on 3 major areas.

*Raising the girls level of self esteem and helping them recognise their own importance,

If the girls do not recognise their own significance and worth, it will be difficult to help them self empower. Each session will include a confidence raising exercise and each girl will be given an opportunity to be recognised as an individual.

*Helping their girls clearly identify their immediate and future goals

We all have aspirations and dreams. Regardless of what those are, the girls will be encouraged to create a vision and set their sights on their goals for present and the future.


*Giving the girls tools to actualise their immediate and future goals.

The girls will be expected to finish the program with leadership skills including the ability to proactively work towards their goals. They will be given key skills for realising these goals that will stay with them as they go through womanhood. 

Once the girls have completed the 12 sessions, they will be awarded ambassador status and go on to mentor the new set of girls we will welcome onto the program and pass it forward. Each skill and lesson learned is passed on through the girls themselves with our support.


We are fundraising to provide:

  • Development resources and equipment for the program

  • Textbooks and yearly back to school hampers

  • Starting an academic fund to help support the most underprivileged girls with school fees.

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