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New placements, new opportunities to make more impact.


Medi Trip has always been driven by our volunteers. Their expertise, their hunger for change and unmatched ambition is the reason our little organisation has been able to achieve what it has. It's no surprise then that our new placements are not the result of a brainstorming session of a huge team of business savvy marketing experts, or a round table discussion of executives but from dozens of lunches, coffees and conversations with the Medi Trippers themselves. They WANT to see Medi Trip grow, They BELIEVE in what Medi Trip is all about. They DRIVE Medi Trip. New ideas have always been actioned by new opportunities to make a difference.

Our latest spark of ideas came from a Nutrition student from an elite UK University. Our meeting happened in the heart of London on a sunny afternoon, bustling with energetic students and city workers. We sat in a corner with her energy apparent from everyone in the restaurant, excited at the prospect of volunteering in Tanzania. I had never considered the prospect of a Nutritionist volunteering, had never heard of a Nutrition volunteer in Tanzania. But how could I have not, it seemed so obvious as she sat across from me bubbling with enthusiasm and idea after idea flowing out of her. With all the issues of malnutrition, hunger and deficiency disease so prevalent in Arusha alone, it became as clear as day we simply needed this young woman on our team. We needed her perspective, her insight and her expertise to continue to drive our vision for health in Africa. And thus our Nutrition placement was launched.

And this was not the first time ideas had been sparked by intelligent and visionary students. We brought in the first Radiographer volunteer into a government hospital some months ago which was a resounding success. And some time ago, a trio of London Nursing students and a Paediatric Nurse enjoyed our very first community experience in Arusha. They raved about this idea, which was meant to only broaden their experience and immerse them into the culture in Tanzania. They insisted this needed to be a full scale placement. And thus our Community Impact project volunteering in Tanzania was born. After several meetings with the regional Head of Nursing, Chief Doctor and Community Matron, our first volunteer on this project began earlier this month in Arusha,

And so this is how it goes, our brilliant and enlightened Medi Trippers shape and drive the way in which we make an impact through volunteering. Their insight let's us know what is needed on the ground and where more can be done. This creates more opportunities for people from all over the world to use their clinical skills to make a real difference. And their innovation continues to help reshape the future of global health.

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